Golf equipment

The golfer’s equipment includes the following equipment: clubs, balls, bags and carts, clothes and shoes. Standards in golfer’s sports equipment exist only for such equipment as clubs and balls, since they are a direct participant in the game.

Golf Clubs

As for golf clubs, there are 29 types. But according to the Laws of the Game, a player is allowed to use a maximum of 14 clubs. Clubs vary in weight, length, as well as the angle at which the blow is made. Each individual club is designed for a certain type of stroke.

For convenience, all types of clubs are divided into several groups. The first group of clubs is called wood (wood). Sticks of this type are used at the first blows – when you need to send the ball to the maximum distance.

As you may have guessed from the name, the head of such a club is made of wood. However, today, light-alloy materials such as titanium are used for the production of this kind of clubs.

Further strokes, which should ensure the flight of the ball over various distances, are performed with iron clubs. The club head of this type has a flattened shape and, of course, is made of metal.

Usually, a set of clubs of this type includes seven copies – from the second number to the ninth. The choice of iron club for further stroke will depend on the position of the ball relative to the hole.

The next group of clubs is wedges. They are designed for shots designed for maximum accuracy, high trajectory of the ball, with a short distance.

A variation of this type are pitching wedge sticks (pitchingwedge) and sand (sand) wedge (sandwedge). The latter is used to kick the ball out of the sand bunker. It has a special shape and a weighted sole, which allows this club to “pass” through the sand on impact.

Golfers use a putter to make the final shot. This club is designed for the most effective last hit on the smooth-cut lawn just before the hole.

Golf balls are also not as simple as it might seem at first glance. It must weigh no more than 45.93 grams and have a diameter of at least 42.67 mm.

Golf ball

A golf ball has small depressions, which can be on average from 300 to 500 pieces. These dimples reduce air resistance and provide a longer impact range. The initial speed of the ball upon impact can reach 200 km / h.

Golf balls also differ in their internal structure – they come in one, two, three and four layers. Single-layer, used by beginners in training – they weigh much less, but they do not fly as far. Pros play with four-layer balls – such balls can be strongly twisted, giving a different flight path.

Bags and trolleys are used for convenience and comfort when carrying clubs. The club bags are spacious enough and have many auxiliary pockets.

In order not to carry a bag on your shoulder, you should buy a golf cart. They come in two, three, or four wheels, depending on whether you want to pull the cart behind you or drive it in front of you.

Dress code

Oddly enough, but in the voluminous set of rules for golf there is not a single, even insignificant, mention of the dress code for a golfer.

But as you might guess, there are still certain recommendations and requirements for choosing clothes and shoes for golfers.

The core of the golfer’s wardrobe consists of well-cut slacks and a polo shirt, the sleeve length of which is up to you. In hot weather, the athlete can wear classic knee-length shorts.

For the beautiful half, there are also some requirements in choosing clothes. Women’s trousers, polo shirts (can be sleeveless), special dresses, golf skirts and golf shorts – this is a considerable list of the athlete’s wardrobe.

Colors and shades of clothes can be any. The main thing is the right combination of them. Harmony and classic combinations are welcome here.

From clothes that are completely out of place on the golf course, we will highlight all types of denim products, any T-shirts and T-shirts (especially with catchy prints), women’s tops, tracksuits. It is also unacceptable to wear loose shirts, shorts with short socks and, of course, swimsuits.

Golf shoes are special. This is due to the fact that it must provide maximum grip on the surface of the golf course. Today, preference is given to shoes with soft spikes or corrugated soles.

It is recommended to have several pairs: for rainy and sunny weather, respectively. You also need to have a changeable pair of shoes to visit a club house or restaurant.

Golf Accessories

Golfers’ accessories include hats, gloves, and sunglasses. The main function of the headgear is protection from the sun. Baseball caps, caps, visors, panamas, hats will suit you.

But remember: wearing a baseball cap backwards is considered bad manners. Sunglasses will also help you in the fight against ultraviolet radiation, and a comfortable glove made of soft leather will ensure good contact with the club.

If you have to play in cool weather, then you can safely take a sweater, windbreaker, vest or golf jacket with you. In case of rain, bring a waterproof set of clothes. The main thing is that the above items of clothing are comfortable and do not hinder your movements.